Project Description

Zainab Magdy – Touching, Feeling

Think of one item of clothing from one of the four seasons.
Ideally, you should have in mind four items of clothing.
You can bring one or two or three of the four items out of your closet and lay them in front of you.
You can use a table or a bed or the floor.
Choose a setting where you feel comfortable and which makes sense to you.

As for the pieces of clothing:

A.  They can be favorite items which despite the lockdowns and quarantines you managed to wear to the supermarket or for a walk.

B.  Alternatively, they could be an item that you wish you could have worn but could not because you did not or were not able to go out to a social gathering/event suitable for the occasion.

If you have chosen A >>> pick one of the three cards and follow the instructions.

1. Put the chosen piece of clothing on. Describe what you feel while wearing it in a text message and send it to someone who knows this item of clothing. Include how the fabric feels on your skin. Try to remember the day you wore it during this past year. The message could be a voice note.
2. Write one long sentence about the fabric of the piece of clothing describing it: take the word ‘tactile’ as a premise for this description. Write down the description. Keep it for now.

If you have chosen B >>> pick one of the three cards and follow the instructions.
You can choose from the items of clothing according to the card.

1. Close your eyes and imagine the outfit that you would have worn including this item of clothing. Take the outfit out. Wear it, take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit. Relish in the moment.

Pick on of the two remaining cards.
Follow the instructions.
You can choose another item of clothing or use the same one for the following cards.

When you have turned the three cards, you will be wearing your chosen item of clothing.
This can be the one you have touched and felt all along the previous directions.
IF you have put on/touched/felt several, choose one that you feel connected to the most for the final gesture.

Feel the item of clothing on your skin.
What is the fabric?
Do you know the fabric immediately?
If yes, how do you know it?

Trace the memory of knowing the fabric.
Write down notes, ideas, keywords related to this fabric and how you came to know of it and how you came to know it by touch.

If you do not know the fabric, try to guess, look it up, read about the history of it briefly.
Have you heard the name of the fabric before?
Can you remember instances where you have heard someone speak about it?
Does it remind you of something specific?

Experiment with wearing the item of clothing on different body parts.
How does it feel?
Does it serve a different purpose, then?

This is the moment to pass it on.
The sensation of a fabric between your fingers.
The memory.
The possibility of creating a narrative.

In the build up of touching different fabrics or one fabric and feeling it on your skin and experiencing the threads and material with your fingers or any other body part (your nose!), begin to structure ‘something’ that you can pass on to someone else.

You can write a text about this fabric, about what it means to touch it and what it feels to you recalling memories, day of purchase, or maybe having it handed down or gifted by someone.
The text or narrative – or any other form of expression – can be passed on in a myriad of ways.

The following are simply suggestions:
Email the text with a picture.
Write a tweet (with a picture!) and tag others.
You can do so on other platforms.
Record a video/voice note for someone and send it to them.
However you decide to record your connection to the fabric (which connects you to the piece of clothing), include an invitation to the other person, and invitation to touch and feel a fabric and find their connection to it. You can send them the score as a guide if you wish to invite them to go through a similar experience. If they do, connect and see what has come up from your individual experiences. Send pictures of outfits. Wear things you love and feel good.

Zainab Magdy

11. December 2020

commissioned by 1000 Scores
supported by Martin Roth-Initiative