Project Description

Yara Boustany – Imaginary Bodies

Materials needed —– a paper, a pen, some time, a speaker, a space to move [little or vast}.
Choose a line that fits with how you feel right now {or today, or lately].

— inspired by your choice – take 3 seconds to intuitively draw a shape/form of any kind on your paper —

Now – catch the first word that comes to your mind – and write it down, in language form.
This is your word.

— follow your line – get in the space to move –
play the audio file on your speaker – stand – close your eyes –
breathe and follow the voice –
prepare yourself… to embody an imaginary body, a body that isn’t your own.

—- now you should have two words…
the first one, and the one you circled now.

…open a music application…
{Spotify, Deezer, Youtube music, SoundCloud, Bandcamp]] any one of them.

Type your two words in the order you choose.
Select the first song that shows up.
Play it, listen to it…..

For the coming 7 days… every day, find a moment in your day when you play this song and you dance to it with all your energy, with all your presence.
Play with it, give and take —
even if you don’t like it, find the juice, explore your body, get strange, move unusually, remember your imaginary body
– or not, be with it, sweat, get wild, be unlike what you usually are, do what you normally don’t do
– or not…
allow it to evolve inside you day after day and let it unveil something inside you
– outside you, enjoy it
– or not
– but dare to take that short time each day to actually do it and observe what emerges.

Yara Boustany
Beirut, Lebanon
7 May 2021