Project Description

Ryoko Akama – music of every day’s score

For the PDF of the score click here.

footnotes to music of every day’s score

Pick 5 sounds and number them from 1 to 5. They never change throughout the weeks, months or years of performing this score, you will always stick with sound 1, sound 2, sound 3, sound 4 and sound 5.

At the end of the day, ask yourself a simple question:
– how did you like your day? –
and give it a score between 1 and 5.
Then, simply perform the one sound that has been assigned to that number.

The shades of grey/gray may add an another layer. It remains only ‘suggestive’. You could give the shades more importance by delivering variations when performing the sound of the day. The shades of grey/gray merely examine, that scoring a day (worst to best) never has a clear answer, like our current life full of ’questionnaires’ and ‘surveys’.

How did you like the exhibition?

Did you think the service was good?

Did you receive what you wanted?

You always pick a number but often, you think, ummm, perhaps 3, perhaps 5, well I put 4 then.

Gray is a colour without colour. Every question we encounter in our lives has a shade of answers.

In this score, you simply think about the day you just spent, intuitively summing it up, rating it and performing a sound; a hum, a note on the piano, a bang or anything that you are able to make easily.
It should not become a burden in your precious evening. Let it become a short event, a small ‘routine’.
For example, you decide on 5 different pitches of whispers, let them be out of tune or a similar yet wrong note. Never repeat to perfect them. Don’t let our overpowering precision take over its simple routine.

If you decide to document the every day sound performances, please do so. Perhaps one day, you could share the outcome with us. As the dynamics and durations are of your daily choice, the documentation will slowly become a piece. At the same time, it is utterly beautiful to continue this without documenting.
No hassle, you are plainly making a sound every night depending on how you have felt about your ‘today’.