Project Description

Nour Fog – Throwing records

Throwing records: Connections between objects and sound.

These records are made while listening to music.

As the clay is moulded on the throwing wheel (the potter’s wheel), it will reflect the tempo, beat and rhythm of the music. Influenced by the music, the potter’s manipulation of the turntable’s speed and movement of their hands create a ceramic record which is a portrait of the music.

When the ceramic record is played on a record player, a noisy sound piece is created. The rough surface of the record can be quite rough on the turntable :)

This concept of material (object) versus music can be explored in many ways. Perhaps you have kitchen utensils, wheel-like tools, or other items at home that can spin. When you have applied a material to the surface and made it spin, try marking the surface while listening to music.
Right now, you can buy Christmas decoration clay at many places.

Nour Fog
13 December 2021

commissioned by SPOR festival
– with support from European Region of Culture
and 1000 Scores

Supported by The Agency for Culture and Palaces,
Aarhus City Council, Central Denmark Region