Project Description

Nika Bertram – LOUDER than the SUN

  • Imagine your body as a radio.
  • Imagine yourself as a radio.
  • Tune in to yourself.
  • Search for the clearest frequency.

         This is you.

          Where can other people find you? Where is your station?
          Are you on longwave or FM?

  • Tune in and listen and turn on the sound, real loud
  • Grab your best headphones and put them on.
  • Grab some jogging shoes and cloth and put it on.
  • Go outside. Walk around a bit. Towards a place which you like.

          Which song do you hear

  • Listen.
  • Imagine yourself as a radio.
  • Feel the music.
  • Play whatever you like.

         Who are your listeners? Are they young? Are they old?
         Do they like what you play? Do you please them?

  • Yes? Then: change your frequency.

          Do you like what you play?

  • In any case: change the frequency.
  • Listen to other stations.
  • Go for a change.
  • Try to hear them as clearly as possible.
  • Feel the resonance in your body.
  • Fill your lung with air.
  • Expand.
  • Go deeper. And higher.

          What do you hear?

  • Is it a romantic ballad? Then start some jogging.
  • Is it some classical music? Then start to laugh
  • Choose a song which makes you dance.
  • Dance.
  • Choose a song which makes you feel like a 12 year-old again.
  • Listen and feel.
  • Choose a song which made you fall in love.

         If you want to, you can sing now.

  • Sing as if nobody is listening.
    (You are a radio, remember?)
  • Fill yourself with air, let it out, and breathe again.

          You are a radio.

  • Let the wind fill you with sounds, let it tousle your hair.

          Let it in.

  • Listen.
  • And walk.
  • And change the frequency.
  • Ride from station to station, while walking among other people.
  • Listen.
  • And amplify.

         If you like what you hear.

  • Reflect.
  • Turn yourself off.

          And start talking.

Nika Bertram
Cologne, Germany
16 February 2021