Project Description

Neo Hülcker – MUTE

Focus on a piece of sky with a toilet paper roll or something similar.
Imagine a completely silent surrounding, there are no sounds at all in the world.
No sound waves.

Press pillows on your ears and block out the sounds of your environment.
Listen to the sounds of the pillows on your ears.
If possible, try various pillows/blankets and listen to the differences.

Lie down on your back.
Cover your ears with your hands.
You are an astronaut far away from the earth, floating in the atmosphere.

Take down your hands and do the following actions, but just in your imagination:

Fill your ears with liquid glue.

Let a snail crawl through your ear canals.
Let it go very far, maybe until it reaches your brain.
How does that sound?

Put thousands of spider eggs into your ears.
Wait until the babies hatch inside of your ears.
What sounds do they make?
How does it feel?

Sit on the floor and put your headphones on but don’t connect them to any device.
Sit there for a while and listen to the muted sounds.

Touch the headphones with your fingers, stroke them,
move your fingers along the bridge that connects the ear parts.
Slow movements, careful and gentle.
Listen to the touch.

Start to play rhythms with your fingers on the headphones.
Play a little concert for yourself!