Project Description

Michael Schmid – Walking the B-side

Zoom in on your environment,
bring a distant place close to you
and emerge into what you see and hear.

Our bilateral body shape mirrors eyes, ears and limbs into symmetrical pairs. Their interplay gives us 3D vision, a refined sense for the directionality of sounds and a perfect balance in complex actions like walking, running or dancing. Although the two sides are initially equal, we tend to develop a dominant side – right or left handed, left or right footed, a dominant eye and a principal ear. Over time we ride but one side, forgetting the other half’s perspective. This score tries to stimulate this other, soft side through a combination of simple instructions.
It’s best to read through the instructions first and execute them after without looking at your screen.

Duration: ± 15 min

You need somewhat of a PANORAMIC VIEW.
Maybe a place OUTSIDE (take a walk!) or maybe the view from your WINDOW (if you are lucky).
If you stay inside, open the window.
The score works best if you STAND.

Choose a distinct ELEVATED OBJECT in the distance like a tree top, a church tower, an antenna or such.
EXTEND both arms bringing the HANDS TOGETHER in front of you to create a SMALL OPENING, which FRAMES the chosen OBJECT. (see diagram)
With BOTH EYES OPEN view the distant OBJECT through the OPENING.
CLOSE your LEFT EYE and find your DOMINANT EYE with the help of the DIAGRAM.

Once you find your DOMINANT EYE, CLOSE IT.
Bring your arms down but KEEP THE FOCUS on the OBJECT, ignoring everything else.
Notice how your body feels somewhat vulnerable.
Give it some time to re-calibrate and find your new balance.

BREATHE through your NOSE and gradually SLOW DOWN your BREATHING.
Even out any irregularities your breath might have.
Once you find a CALM, PROFOUND and COMFORTABLE BREATH, stay with it.
(± 3 seconds IN – 3 seconds OUT)

as if pulling it closer and closer to yourself with each breath.

KEEP ZOOMING IN while bringing your attention to your EARS.
The ear on your blind side is probably a little deafer than usual.
AMPLIFY all the SOUNDS and NOISES around you
as if you were gradually turning up the VOLUME to FULL POWER.

Do this until you feel completely EMERGED in SOUND and IMAGE.

If you’re OUTSIDE – take a WALK for as long as you like.
If you’re INSIDE – go OUTSIDE and take a WALK for as long as you like.