Project Description

Lydia Balz – SWITCH for lights and eyelids

SWITCH is an acoustic score. For the performance you will need:

  • light: this could be an electric lamp with a switch, a ceiling light, a flashlight or even the lamp of your phone
  • your eyelids

I imagine the room, in which you perform SWITCH, to be dark when the light is switched off. Maybe you play it after sundown, use blinds or play it in your broom closet. But of course you are free to perform it in any lighting situation of your choice.

In the score (= audio file below), you will hear two different sounds, which start and end independently:

Sound A

Sound B

In reaction to the sound, you are invited to perform these actions:

Start of sound A → turn on the lamp
End of sound A → turn off the lamp
Start of sound B → open your eyes
End of sound B → close your eyes

In this version, you will start the piece with closed eyes and in the dark.

Here is the score:

Different versions of SWITCH are possible. In your next performance you can create a new version by changing the assignment of the given actions to the sounds.

Lydia Balz
Cologne, Germany
30 April 2021

Illustration: Anna Brown
Mentoring: Robin Hoffmann
In collaboration with Miki Manabe
Thanks to Daniel Agi