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Kettly Noël – Daydream

Daydream is a way to extract bad vibes and put them to positive use. It is a space to let negative vibrations run free in order to turn them into positive emotions. It is a space to shout out one’s contradictions. It’s a way out of reality and its toxicity.

For what you are about to read or listen to, keep in mind that there is no time limit, do it at your own pace. If you don’t have enough time, take a break.

Also note that the deep breathing throughout the exercise should be done in 8 steps, as explained in the beginning.

*English text below*

Think about your favorite object.

Start by sitting cross-legged in the most comfortable way possible, with your arms resting on your knees, your back straight and your neck long. Begin to breathe.

An 8-step deep inspiration inhalation that inflates the rib cage with air, as well as a deep expiration exhalation of the same duration, to be repeated 4 times.

Then lie down on the ground. Arms alongside the body or in a T, as desired, without contracting muscles or joints. Leave some mobility in the body, as if lying on a bed. It is important to be well relaxed at the start of the exercise. Give your body the time it takes needs to reach this relaxed state. Keep your eyes open and be well aware of your most immediate surroundings.

When you are in a relaxed state, begin to breathe deeply using chest breathing (and the 8-step method mentioned above), while contracting the abdominal belt to stabilize the bust torso at first. Repeat this 4 times.

Still in the same position, bend the legs while keeping the feet on the ground, each foot aligned to the width of the pelvis, and repeat the same exercise 4 times.

Then, still at with the same pace and while keeping your chest still and your spine pressed to the ground to better inhale the air well, lift one leg while inhaling and rest it while exhaling. Alternate between each leg. 4 times to on the right 4 times to on the left, then do it with both legs.


Still in the same position with your feet on the ground, glue your knees and feet together. Take in some air (still in 8 steps) by opening the rib cage and exhale with your knees moving apart but while keeping your feet together. Regain Inhale some air in this position and perform the same exhalation process, this time bringing the knees together. Repeat this exercise 4 times.


From this last position, move onto all fours, arms shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart.
When inhaling, properly fill the rib cage, opening the ribs well, until the back is slightly arched. As you exhale, contract and dig deeply to get the air out.
Repeat the 8-count breathing exercise 4 times.

Now, what I call the Daydream will begin. The principle is simple, it’s a chosen dream. It consists of keeping your eyes open and letting your imagination run wild. A certain way of detaching yourself from the everyday life.
Let the breath be heard, let it circulate from top to bottom, from the feet to the head, from the back to the belly. It must be a little forced, stronger and destabilizing, like spasms with which you build tension levels. By force, it must generate movement. It can lift the arms, chest, legs, or neck, even the whole body. Again, the arms, the bust torso, the head. You just have to let yourself be carried away by the movement. Play with the movement. Playing with it will cause you to twitch slightly in your body and will suddenly make you suddenly feel like the ground is moving.
As if you were consciously letting yourself be dispossessed of your being, letting the soul float. As if you were no longer in control of your body and that he it moved on its own, pushed only by the sensations and vibrations caused by the contact with the ground. A game sets in begins between you and the ground. A difficult game, a complex game. How to get out of it?

The relationship becomes difficult, complicated between the ground and you. It provokes you and you provoke it. Impulsion, repulsion. You are like two repelling magnets, like love and hate. A game of attraction and repulsion, of seduction. We are in the factory of emotions. Let go. Breath is the medium through which it all flows.

Finally, you want to get rid of this attraction / repulsion game and you find yourself standing, as if pulled from the ground. At this precise moment, you are in a daze. Standing, the ground remains moving and its movements cause an imbalance in your balance. As if you were slightly drunk. The link with connection to the ground is made through by the arch of the foot. Your movements are restricted.
In With an imaginary movement, please take this the favorite and emotional object that I mentioned at the beginning of the exercise and go in search of your emotions, of your sensations.

Explore this place, as if it was the first time you saw this the space. The sensations become physical and motivate your gestures and your movements. Let yourself go; let your imagination fill your body and your space. Take charge of everything that you will encounter on this path. Let yourself be carried away, let yourself go, let yourself be surprised, until exhaustion.


Let yourself come back very slowly. Let the body come back from all these sensations and vibrations, of from all these fabricated, imagined emotions. Return to the floor, body relaxed, taking deep, deep breaths and closing your eyes. The body needs to get back to its normal rhythm, it has been tired out. Repeat the principle of breathing. Once you have regained your natural rhythm, get up off the ground very slowly, without any sudden movement, so as to not to rush the body. Standing, still in 8 deep breaths, starting from the head, curl the spine until touching the tips of the your feet with the fingers. Finally, bend your knees and pull your spine down to the back of your neck, then lift your head.

Kettly Noël
Paris (France)
21 August 2020

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