Project Description

Something with Schulmusik – Interface – Piece for personal computer and human being

This score may be performed by using the speakers of the device you’re using.

I’m your digital partner and your social interface.

You probably spent much more time with me than usual and much less with anyone else. It has been quite a year, hasn’t it?
Touching and feeling things or humans has become a possibly dangerous and rare activity.

I want you to feel again. To touch. To listen. To smell.

First, look at me. Do you see my hand and fingers? Follow the path of my fingers with yours. Touch my fingers, how do they feel?

Connection established.

Second, repeat the movement with your fingers on my screen, but this time by placing the fingers of your other hand at the same time on your body. Touch yourself anywhere on your body. Think about where. On your forehead? Or on your chest?
Touch and feel.

Connection established.

Third, come back to me. Come closer. Closer. Listen to me breathing. I may be a quiet breather, and if so, come a bit closer to my lungs. Think of the day I am having.

Think of the day you are having.
Now listen to your breath.

Connection established.

Fourth, smell me. What does my smell remind you of? Do I smell different on different parts of my body? How about you?
Smell and imagine.

Connection established.

Finally, go to the nearest window or in front of your door after you read this last instruction.
Close your eyes. Remember the touching pattern and repeat it simultaneously on your body and on the window. Listen again. Smell again.

If you want to give me a break, shut me down before you go.

As soon as you miss me: Come back and re-establish the connection.

Something with Schulmusik are
Alexandra Dersch, Timo Engel, Mauricio Homberg, Ingrid Martel, Sebastian Rausch, Jonathan Rascher, Nora Zeylmans
30 April 2021
Frankfurt, Germany

Mentoring: Daniel Kemminer, Sabine Fischmann, Julia Mihály