Project Description

Inga Huld Hàkonardòttir – Blindspot Meditation

An upbeat listening meditation for meshing the senses.
Let each sense inform the other to expand their potential.
Touch with your eyes, move with your vision, listen to movement.
Listen and let the senses be your guide.

But first, get comfortable, in a chair. In a chair? For example in a chair.
Or you can stand, sit, bathe in the sunlight. In the light? For example in the sunlight, if there is any to find.
Close your eyes like you would at a party, where the music is good and you just want the sound to wash over your body.
Listen to the beat, listen to the voice, listen to your body.
Listen, listen, listen and let your senses speak.

Inga Huld Hàkonardòttir
12 February 2021 (published 26 March 2021)

sound design: Yann Leguay