Project Description

GrupoKRAFT – S H I F T I F I C A T I O N 
4 Micro dances to perform at home

This score has four parts: Part I, II, III, and IV. Each section was conceived by a different author and explores distinctive ways of sharing and transmitting the practice of dance and choreography.

Through the different parts of the score with their respective writings (words, images, drawings), the joint intention is to offer the reader the possibility of experiencing the poetry of dance, an internal and imaginative dance for the more timid and a physical one for the more daring. Of course, the experience will be different for each reader giving room for imagination.

The four parts of this score are placed in a dramaturgical order that prepares the body by awakening the senses and shifting the perspectives of our daily lives.

Scores by Abril Lukac, Aline Aubert, Guillermo de la Chica López and Mirjam Motzke under the mentorship and supervision of Paula Rosolen.

by Mirjam Motzke

connect to disconnect.

hearing. feeling. visualizing. moving.

Duration: Take as much time as you want with each step.

Grab a pen and a paper.

Go to your window and open it.

Close your eyes and listen and sense the environmental sounds.

Take the pen and draw with closed eyes the sounds you hear.

Open your eyes. Have a look at you drawing.

Close your eyes again. Imagine the drawing before your inner eye and start moving your body to the occuring environmental sounds inspired by your drawing.

Optional: Post a picture of your drawing with the hashtag #overlappinglayers or send it to @_motzke_macht or to with the subject “Shiftification” if you want it to become part of a collective piece of art.

by Abril Lukac

FIRST: In your home, find a picture of yourself with other people in a touching landscape, surrounding or situation.

SECOND: Observe the picture, observe what you were all doing in it.

Start to copy the different body postures and facial expressions one by one.
Slowly put them together as a posing dance.
Try to be as precise as possible with copying the body expressions of each person in the picture.

THIRD: Look at the landscape again, close your eyes and swim into it.

(NOTE: This section is also available as an audio experience)

Be available for the natural movement responses of your body.

Perceive the temperature and let it enter your skin.
Is the sun burning your skin? Or it is a soft warm caress?
Is the cold a slap in your face or it is softly refreshing?

Let this sensation go into your bones.

Can you smell the place you are in?
At last, are you alone in that picture? Is someone with you? Can you recall the sensation of those presences around you?

When you are almost completely inside of the picture you can open your eyes.

FOURTH: Keep the sensations in your body and start recalling the postures again, start to do them one after the other each time with more freedom, observe your feelings, remember the smells and the temperature, let your body be guided by all these sensations and allow your emotions to be present.

FIFTH: Find a new place for that picture in your house and place it there.

by Guillermo de la Chica López

For this task it would be useful to carefully read all the steps first. Then you can start executing it.
An alternative option is to have a person (guide) who reads the steps while others take action.
I recommend you do it in a familiar place, like your own apartment.

FIRST: Place yourself in the middle of your room and close your eyes.

SECOND: Start turning as fast as you can around yourself. At the fifth or sixth turn, reverse.

THIRD: Try to not know where you are facing before opening your eyes. Now look carefully towards what you have in front of you, the amount of objects… Do not move your head, only your eyes. Take around 10 seconds.

FOURTH: Close your eyes again. Do half a turn and open your eyes. Now put the scene you previously had in your mind into physicality, with the new object(s). Try to develop a little dance with those objects.

FIFTH: Release this last object in front of you from its normal functions and use it as the object(s) you saw in the third step.

by Aline Aubert

Duration +/- 10 min
You will need 4 socks and a slippery floor

FIRST: Collect 4 random socks and lay them out on the floor in front of you.

SECOND: Place each foot on a sock.

THIRD: Put your hands in the remaining socks, without the help of either the other hand nor any other body part.

FOURTH: Let the movement from your hands spread into your whole body, imagine that your whole body has to enter a huge sock similar to the way your hands entered the socks.


SIXTH: Take your frozen body to a wall in your room by gliding over the floor. Bring your hands in contact with the wall and have a sliding dance with the walls and the floor in your room.

7. Take a little moment to perceive the change of feelings in your body during your sock dance.

8. Step your feet off the socks and pick them up, roll the socks from your hands and bring them back to where you found them.