Project Description

Frances Chiaverini – Separation of Church and State
or How to Make Your Mother Proud on Election Day

One of ten scores created especially for the  presidential election in the USA on November, the 3rd 2020.

Do step 1, then choose one of the following 3 options as step 2.

Step 1.

Either sitting or standing, flip your upper body forward, with enough force to cause all of your hair on your head to reverse itself. You can even do this lying on a table or your bed, stomach-side down with your head hanging off the object. Using both hands on either side of your head starting just above and behind the ears, make loose dragon-like claws with both hands and rake through your hair, scraping your nail tips over your scalp. Move your hands towards each other, until your fingertips meet on the top of your head . Repeat this in the back of your head, the front, the diagonals, do it multiple times all over your scalp until you raked every part. Start lightly and slowly and increase the speed and pressure as you continue.

When you think you’re done, stop and flip your head and hair upright again, the body can follow doing what it needs to do to accommodate the hair.

Step 2. 
Now choose A B or C
(Cheat: C is probably the simplest and easiest to execute so I put it first in case your attention is wavering. A is probably the most fun. B takes effort, if you’re into that kind of thing.)

C. Materials needed: your phone

Go here:

Choose 5 of these commandments, write them down.  These are your new mantra’s. Assign one to each day from Monday-Friday. Each day, send one to your mother or someone’s else’s mother if you don’t have one.

B. Materials needed: your phone, a computer or another phone, a piece of paper/a printer, a razor blade if you’re feeling precise.

Begin to read Fox News dot com. Read until you find an error, or what you believe to be an error. Could be either a typo or a factual error.  Print the page with the error or write the story out surrounding the error if you don’t have a printer.  With a razor blade (or scissors), cut the error out. Or tear it out if you’re feeling angry.


Think of the most recent piece of pornographic material you witnessed on your computer and revisit that page.  View the material once again, this time holding the paper up in front of the screen.  With your phone, film or a take a photo of the new content revealed by the hole in the paper including the original surrounding context on the paper included in the frame. Send this video or image to your arch nemesis’s mom.

Then send another message right afterwards that says , “oops, wrong number.”

A. Materials needed: a phone, a bathroom, a sock if you’re not wearing any. Go into the closest bathroom, prop the door open by wedging one of your socks into the crack where the door meets the wall near the hinges. Turn off the lights.
Now set a timer on your phone for 70 seconds and then place the phone/camera somewhere in the room and begin to film, with the flash on if possible. Now separate the idea of the hair from the idea of the scalp, and imagine it is a 5th appendage. Move this newfound 5th appendage. if you’re not sure, you can start by flipping it over again but this time to the right side, then the left side. The hair leads the body. The hair carries the body. Find all possible options. Continue for the 70 seconds set on the timer.  Stop filming when the time is up. Send the film to your mom or to your child or to someone else’s Mom or Child if you don’t have either.

Frances Chiaverini
October 31st 2020
Zürich, Switzerland

Commissioned by PACT Zollverein
and 1000 Scores