Project Description

David Helbich – Music in 11 Pieces

PDF format for download and print.

  • Please search for the slowest possible ripping movement, just before you hear the cracks of the wooden particles interrupting the continues flow of white (grey, pink,…) noise.
  • And the fastest possible rapture, just before loosing the line, literally.
  • Keep the tempi steady in both cases.

“Music in 11 Pieces” (2020) is part of the series “Music in Pieces” (2014 – ongoing), including “Music in 24 pieces”, “Music in 30 pieces”, “Music in 64 pieces” and others.

#scorebecomesinstrument #performerbecomeslistener #enjoythemess #deeplistening #papermusic

David Helbich
Brussels (Belgium)
29 June 2020

produced by
Goethe Institut / Federal Foreign Office of Germany, PACT Zollverein and KANAL – Centre Pompidou Brussels