Project Description

Choy Ka Fai – Everyone Can Butoh

Butoh as forgery. Forgery is an intention to imitate, in dance and in nature. Forgery is an attempt to look like something. To look like Butoh is not difficult. Forgery is different from imitation. Imitation is the need to reproduce a copy. Forgery is creative: You steal what is good, trendy or popular and relieve yourself of the responsibility to reproduce a copy simply because you have no copyright. There is no fake Butoh. But there can be empty Butoh. If everyone can be an artist, it must be that Butoh can be everyone.

This is a self-service performance for one user made for the mobile phone.
It consists of a series of Butoh notations and a Tatsumi Hijikata digital face mask.
Blink Your Eye to interact.

Technical Requirements
Any mobile phone with a back-facing camera.
Download the Facebook app onto your mobile phone.
Click on the given link bellow and get a notification send to your FB app.

Download the Face Filter here.

Please stand within one meter away from the Camera.
Place your mobile phone on a tripod or hold it like taking a selfie.
Switch on the sound effect.
Improvise to the Butoh Notation.
Blink Your Eyes to change the notation.

Channel Your Inner Butoh Spirit!
Record It! Share It! And Enjoy!!!


“Everyone Can Butoh” is inspired by Tatsumi Hijikata’s Butoh Notation (Butoh-Fu) as recorded by Yukio Waguri and remixed by Choy Ka Fai. Programmed by Brandon Tay with Spark AR app.

Choy Ka Fai
Taipei (Taiwan)
15 August 2020