Project Description

Bini Adamczak – How to do Good Deeds Online

1. Choose a name. A name you feel comfortable with. It can be but does not have to be the name you use in everyday life.

2. Create an email address using this name.

3. Create a Twitter account, a Youtube account and/or a Facebook account (using your new email-adress) .

4. Give your account a personal touch (= upload pictures, if you like, follow musicians, sportchannels or join groups).

5. Follow important and/or regional news channels, newspapers, magazines, politicians.

6. Start reading the commentary sections. Note that they are full of reactionists, trolls and Nazis.

7. Allow plenty of anger to grow.

8. Note that reactionists, trolls and Nazis are very active online and appear much stronger there than they are in reality. Note what effect this will have on the readers of the commentary sections.

9. Support (with likes and comments) those who oppose fascist opinions and voice emancipatory views.

10. Engage in debates with reactionists, trolls and Nazis. Make clear that fascist ideology will not remain unchallenged. Call out their lies. Ask them to prove their false statements. Confront them with the facts. Question their alleged motifs. Ridicule their fantasies of power and powerlessness. Make clear that fascism is never just an opinion but always a crime.

11. Insist on talking about the real problems instead of imagined problems: Not ‚race‘, but racism. Not ‚sex‘ (gender), but sexism. Not ‚migrants‘ stealing from ‚natives‘, but the rich taking from the poor. Not recipients of welfare betraying the state but capitalists exploiting workers. Not clashes of cultures but ecological collapse.

12. Talk about the real problems.

13. Substitute what people claim to be afraid of (different religious beliefs, different sexual performances and so on) with what they have reason to be afraid of: the corona pandemic, the capitalist crisis, the climate catastrophe.

13. Promote universal solidarity instead of imagined and restricted communities (nation, ‚race‘, etc. ). Promote equality instead of hierarchy, freedom for all instead of freedom for only a few.

14. Connect with likeminded people online.

15. Ask your friends and acquaintances to do step 1-6 too and to coordinate step 7-14 with you. Since this is so much more fun when done together.

16. Take down global fascism online and offline.