Project Description

Annesley Black – TOO BIG TO FAIL (TBTF)

TOO BIG TO FAIL (TBTF) are certain corporations and institutions that have been defined by their government as systematically important: “(…) so large and so interconnected that their failure would be disastrous to the greater economic system.”*

In German-speaking nations over the past year, we have grown used to hearing the term system-relevant (essential) when referring to professions that are worth protecting opposed to others. This classification system has resulted in the suspension of many occupations during the Covid-19 crisis.


Play back the video and at the same time practice an activity that has been deemed non system-relevant during the Covid-19 crisis (or other crises), eg: playing piano, reading poetry, dancing, climbing a tree, feeding birds, playing chess, cooking, doing sports, etc.

Each time you hear a CLICK, pause your activity, look at the screen and read the word game.

When the word game has been solved (after the speech sounds), resume your activity until you hear the next CLICK.

* source: Wikipedia contributors, “Too big to fail,” Wikipedia (accessed January 6, 2021)