Project Description

La Pesch – STOP & GO – you are the public performance


Please open this score on a mobile device and plug-in your best headphones.

This will start inside.
This will lead you outside.
And this will lead you back home.
With new experiences to consider.
You are the performance.
Search the public.
The public will become part of your performance, possibly your audience as well.

Before you start listening to the audio, plug-in your best headphones. Once outside, make sure to stay in an area with WIFI.

Do exactly as you are told at all times.
Whenever you hear “Stop!” – with a pause following – you will pause the audio and follow the instructions that you heard before.
Meanwhile you can store the phone in your pocket.
When you are ready, you hit play again and you will see where it leads you.

If you like, you can make voice recordings during or after your experience and send them to me via WhatsApp or Telegram (+49-1575-4419216).

Plan to be stopping and going for an hour or more.