Project Description

Kaj Duncan David – Screen Time

This piece makes use of strobe effects.
If you are sensitive to flashing lights, it is advised not to perform this score.

Perform this piece at night / in a dark place.
Wear white clothing.

Here are some suggestions for suitable locations:

  • in a window that is visible from the street
  • sitting on a park bench
  • in an inflatable dinghy-boat bobbing down an inner city canal

to perform the piece:
Choose three sounds.

Red horizontal lines will pass from right to left across your screen.

A red line at the top of the screen corresponds to sound 1.
A red line in the middle corresponds to sound 2.
A red line at the bottom to sound 3.

Sounds are performed while a red line traverses the vertical white line, like this:

Full-screen the video and press play.

Kaj Duncan David
22 November 2021

commissioned by SPOR festival – with support from
European Region of Culture – and 1000 Scores

Supported by The Agency for Culture and Palaces,
Aarhus City Council, Central Denmark Region